Adventure Together

I'm not a therapist or a marriage expert by any stretch (been there, done that, bought the tshirt, wore the tshirt, returned the tshirt), but I do have a solid grasp of what a good marriage looks like thanks to my parents. Unfortunately, when I was married at 26, I still wasn't paying attention to my parents (isn't that what all young people do?). It's only been in the last 5-8 years that I've really observed and analyzed my parents' relationship (married for 46 years, together for 50) and thought about my own past/present relationships. And the big thing that really stands out for me is: adventure together.

"A family that plays together, stays together." - Clarence Landry (not the original writer of this quote, but he has told this, repeatedly, to all three of his girls).  

Mom and Dad have seemingly done it all: they camped (pop up tent) with their friends in their early 20s, continued camping throughout their 20s as they raised their girls. When I was 13 or 14, they ditched the camping for a cottage and did some boating on the Bras d'Or lakes - not always fun when you have a petulant teenager who was missing a school dance or a party, but they chose to ignore my behaviour and by the time we were all sitting around the campfire and eating smores, I was their happy(ish) kid again. In winters we skied - as a family. As we got older, they started to do some things on their own. Dad bought a Harley and mom rode on the back and they traveled across Canada one summer. One day Dad came home with a yellow Sportster and told Mom she now had her own bike. And at 48, this badass grade 1 teacher got her motorcycle license and they rode the roads. I could write a book - that's how much they've lived their lives - but the common thread that really sticks out for me is that they adventured together.

So, when I met with Mayannda about her wedding cake and she told me that they love to travel and that a travel theme would be a big part of their wedding, I thought this is so fantastic - they love to adventure together

I hope they have a lifetime of together adventures. 

Photos by Halifax wedding photographers Cooked Photography