You've Got Mail.

Do you remember how much fun it was to get a letter in the mail from a friend? These days, I simply empty my mailbox of flyers, newletters, and bills. Items are sorted into recycle and keep piles and I carry on with my day. Nothing fun there! Until one day in late March when I received a thank you note along with some pictures (in print!) from Mariko and Nathan. 

photo (35).JPG

Thank you, Mariko and Nathan, for this thoughtful gesture. It totally made my day! You've inspired me to pick up a pen and paper and write more notes. Send more cards. Maybe even pen a long letter to my cousin in Kelowna... like I used to do when we were teenagers and living only an hour and a half away from each other (and not a country apart). You've also inspired me to make more prints. There are few things better than sitting with a coffee and a shoebox full of family photos on a rainy day and listening to my kids say things like, "oh my gawd, that was YOU?!". I love technology, but this is where I'm going to go old school.

Who's with me?