My Daughter's Big Surprise (and the lengths we will go to for our kids)

I thought I'd share a little personal  story today - my life isn't ALWAYS about cake!

Alexis has been infatuated with One Direction for the past 2 years. I find it entertaining (and adorable) because anyone who has known me from an early age knows of my infatuation with rock bands and celebrities. She's definitely a mini me.

She has posters all over her room (this was a year ago - there's barely wall space now). 


She doodles in my notebooks about the boys.


Posing with her new 1D shirt


Celebrating her 9th birthday with a 1D cake - lovingly made by City Girl Cakes ;).


After weeks of waiting... about to see the 1D movie This is Us (and, of course, wearing her 1D shirt).



So, when they announced their 2014 dates, I was determined to take her somewhere to see them. But here was the problem: the closest venues to us were Toronto or New Jersey (both a long way from Dartmouth, NS) but even more problematic were the dates: first week of August - at the height of wedding cake season. I have never taken vacation during the summer where I've had to miss a weekend. This business is like farming: you make hay while the sun shines and the sun mostly shines between May and October. Sometimes the self-employed forget that they are entitled to vacations, too.

So, I decided to try for New Jersey because it was on a Tuesday and it would also mean that we could scoot over to NYC for a visit (happy Mommy!). The event promoters announced pre-sale dates. On the first one, I sat at my computer at exactly 11am, clicking refresh repeatedly trying to get in for tickets. I tried for 25 minutes and finally was offered level 3 tickets (way up there) but I didn't want to sit that far up so I walked away. On the second pre-sale date, I pulled up seats the first try but again, they were all in the 300s. Then I hit seats in section 116 and after about 10 seconds of debate, clicked on purchase tickets. I was so excited and my hands were so shaky I was barely able to type in my information. Once the confirmation came through, I cried. Like a baby. Sobbed. I was just so overwhelmed that I was actually going to be taking Alexis to see One Direction. This was her dream and it was going to come true!

We managed to keep the tickets a secret until Christmas. I wanted a unique way of giving them to her. Of course, my initial "over the top" thought was wouldn't it be amazing if I could somehow get 1D to shoot a short 15 second video clip where Harry (her favourite) would say something like, "Hey Alexis - we're looking forward to seeing you in New Jersey on August 5th"... or something like that. Then she'd unwrap her ipad that would have a sticky note that would say "press play" and the video would start. Awwwwwesome, right??

Instead, I opted for the next best thing and with a little photoshop magic (not really magic.. it took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to rotate a text box, ugh!) created this little gem:


Here's a little video clip of her opening her present. It was exactly how I was hoping she'd react! We haven't started counting sleeps yet, but we will soon!