The Walking Dead

When I  first heard there was a television show about zombies, I'm pretty sure I slapped my forehead in angst and longed for the days of Friends, Dawson's Creek, Everwood, and Gilmore Girls. I mean, zombies? Really? I decided that cable sucked and signed up for Netflix. And there it was... The Walking Dead. Alright, what exactly is everyone raving about? So, I clicked on S1 E1 and binge watched the entire first season. 

It's not about the zombies at all! The show is cast with some incredible talent, extremely well written, contains a myriad of complex relationships, and just when you think you've figured it out... everything gets turned upside down. I'm always asking my son (we watch it together religiously now), "what would you do?". Will they survive? Will they ever find a "normal" existence? And as long as they don't kill off Darrell, I'm pretty sure I'll be watching to the end of the series. ;)

When I was contacted about a Walking Dead themed cake, my first thought was the chain-link fence. It was a constant in every episode - especially towards the end of their prison stay. Would they be able to keep the zombies out? And then, of course, you had to have Rick.

It was the first time I'd used a mix of mediums to paint on the cake: food coloring for the outlines and then petal dust for the shading - and I love the effects! 


This is the kind of stuff I usually do late at night when no one (aka, kids) can bug me... and I can turn on the tunes and just get lost in my zone.

Add some gaping flesh...


The final version...