Crown Royal Cake - Behind the Scenes

Sometimes I get the chance to take a few shots of the cake process - here is how the Crown Royal cake came together: It's always nice to have an actual bottle on hand, but this is not my drink of choice, so an image will suffice. I think I used two 10"x10" cakes, stacked and carved and then covered in a gold/yellow fondant.

I print a label out to size as a template - this is paper and will not stay on the cake. This is where an edible imaging system would be nice. Here I'm making the indents on the sides of the bottle. You have to do this while the fondant is still soft, otherwise you'll get cracking. Not nice

Now I etch the diamond pattern lines at the top and bottom of the bottle.

The etched lines are used as a pattern to apply a thin rope of fondant.

Airbrush time! Use a base of yellow with a touch of brown.

First coat - it's always better to go lighter because you can always go over it again to make it darker. If you go too dark at first, you're f$%ked.

The darker coat is applied. I try to find the darker spots on the picture and then spray in those areas.

Now the label is cut from the same color fondant as the original bottle. First step is to airbrush the background. Then add the purple and red details. The wording is then hand painted using food color diluted with a bit of vodka to thin it out.

The details are piped in royal icing - this will be painted in gold, so I just used white.

The finished product after the detailing on the label and the cap have been painted in gold. A purple "fabric bag" and gold rope is added.