Just when you thought my blog had gone down the shitter...

The toilet cake made its second appearance back in January when we helped celebrate Steve's big 40th. The entire party was a surprise, cleverly executed by his wife, Karen. I get such a kick out of personalizing cakes. During our consultation, Karen provided photos of some of Steve's passions: electric guitars, motorcycles, and sport diving. We also made the "floor tiles" the same as the ones they have in their bathroom.

I took the images she sent and with the help of Photoshop, created some bathroom reading - these are his prized guitars:

I didn't have an image of his actual bike, but he owns a Ducati... and for the diving magazine - you can't see him but he's in that water with the shark (crazy bugger!).


The cake created quite a buzz at the party:

"Shauna - The party was fantastic, he was totally surprised and had no idea that it was coming.  The cake was the star of the night and it was incredibly delicious.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful cake, it was the cherry on top of Steve's big day and he is still glowing in it."
I asked who was brave enough to eat the melted snickers bar (that's the wonderful thing floating in the bowl!)... there were no incriminating pictures but it made its rounds!
And this is a first... the whole night was such a memorable and special event for Steve that Karen framed the toilet lid. :)
Love it!