Toy Story Cake - Girl Style!

I've made a couple of Toy Story themed cakes, but always for boys. So, when Maddy's birthday came around (back in October... that's how far behind I am in the cakes I've wanted to blog about) and her Mom contacted me for a cake that had to have Jessie and a horse AND be pink, I giggled. I was going to have to step outside of the Toy Story blues, reds, and greens - and make something girly. We kept Jessie and Bullseye authentic and used a palette of brown, pink, and gold. We also had to add a very special little character... Peter... the bunny. Peter goes EVERYWHERE with Maddy - special little bunny for a special little girl.

Maddy's Mom just happens to be Tanya Shields of Tanya Shields Photography - newborn/family/wedding/portrait photographer. I love my photographer friends not only because they're some of the coolest cats I know, but because they send me great cake shots like these!