Mardi Gras Wedding Cake

After a summer of working with mostly white and ivory fondant, October had a nice injection of color.  Michelle and Rob got married at White Point Beach Resort on Halloween weekend with a Mardi Gras theme filled with colors of teal, purple, green, and gold!  The design was replicated from a cake picture they found online. We added a Mardi Gras mask and a peacock feather topper as embellishments.

Michelle wanted to surprise Rob with a special fire truck groom's cake. He's hanging on to the back and she's driving the rig! I wanted to surprise them, too, so I added little flashing lights at the top (unfortunately, you can't pick up just how awesome this little addition was via my photo).

Michelle and Rob kindly shared the following images, taken by the talented Layton Reid.

Judging by the photo booth pics up on the Layton Reid blog, this was a fun cake for a fun crew!

I had never been to White Point Beach Resort until I delivered these two cakes. I fell in love with the entire place. Of course, I am a clear sucker for any beach. My kids love the beach and we are lucky to have so many fabulous ones in Nova Scotia. I take them as much as I can in the summer and we even go in the winter. A totally different experience, of course, but they get a kick out of being at the beach dressed in hats, mitts, and winter coats. Doesn't stop them from attempting to build a sandcastle. Who wouldn't enjoy waking up and stepping outside onto this:

And... there are bunnies everywhere!

Less than two weeks later, a fire destroyed the main lodge at White Point Beach Resort. The troops have rallied and they are rebuilding and aim to re-open in Fall 2012. In the meantime, the cottages are still available... I'm thinking the kids and I will sneak away for a couple of days this summer and become beach bums.