I'm a Barbie Girl... in a Barbie World

No, I'm not really a Barbie girl in a Barbie world (if you now have that song by that 90s pop band Aqua in your head for the day, I apologize) - but there was one day not so long ago where I immersed myself into that world for a cake creation. Kelly and Katelyn are not twins but have shared birthday parties because their birthdays are so close together. After last year's whimsical candy themed cake (scroll down for a pick of that crazy creation), I was anxious to hear what these two sweetie pies would be requesting for their 2011 birthday cake and got excited when their mom said Barbie theme.

Hot pink, black, white, tiara with a reference to Barbie - and here's what we came up with:

Fit for a couple of princesses:

love glitter...


Thanks to their Mom (Donna) for sharing this picture with me...

Here is a peek back at their 2010 cake: