The Town Clock Couple

Corresponding with Lisa (the bride) was almost as fun as making her amazing wedding cake. She is a fantastic writer and her emails were conversational, witty, and always a riot to read. This is a common scenario in my wedding cake business: bride sends an email describing her vision for the wedding cake. Bride/groom and I meet to discuss details of the big day - specifically the wedding cake, but I've been known to get WAY off topic. By the end of the meeting, the cake looks nothing like what was first mentioned.

In Lisa's initial email, she described a 3 tier, maybe fondant draping, with characters representing her and Al and their pets. Perhaps also incorporating a bit of old world charm as they were getting married at Citadel Hill and then having the reception on the Tall Ship Silva. We set a consultation date and at the end of that email she said, "I will forwarn you my future husband has fallen quite in love with HIS idea of having the town clock from Citadel Hill as a cake.  Unless he changes his mind I fear that we may have to incorporate that somehow :)".

I didn't even need to wait for the consultation to know that this cake was not going to have a single fondant drape anywhere.

The transport! This cake was assembled on site.


Above: all set up on the Tall Ship Silva.  The personalized touches (my favourite part!!) - the clocks on all 4 sides read 2pm - which is when Lisa and Al got married and I etched "L & A" on the door.


For those who aren't familiar with our city's famous landmark, here is a picture I quickly snapped on my way home that day:

Al dropped by one evening shortly after the wedding. We chatted for a few minutes and he said the day couldn't have been more perfect. Knowing these two, I suspect there were many, many smiling faces and lots of laughter. He handed me a card before leaving. Inside was a heartwarming message thanking me for the cake (which they loved! YAY!) and a pewter magnet of the Citadel Hill clock tower. It's stuck to my commercial shelving unit directly in front of me when I'm sitting at my "desk". Every time I look at it, I think of this cake and Lisa and Al - and then I will smile. I love my job.

Congratulations Lisa and Al!