Dolphin Tale Cake - and my consult with an 8 year old.

Kids have the best creative minds. This was my second consult with a child under 10 (not including my kids - who are always heavily influenced by the cake creator for their designs) and they are a dream to work with. They come with sketches. Good ones. Full color spectrum. I look around hoping my sketches are not in sight. I didn't get to see Claire's sketch but it was explained quite clearly. Claire and friends were going to be celebrating her 8th birthday at Empire Theater for the debut of the movie Dolphin Tale. She described her picture: dolphins jumping out of the water, with waves and white foam, rocks, and all against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. She wanted this in a two tiered cake.

I always take a few days to let ideas bubble up in my head. My breakthrough ideas usually come to me the minute I wake up, in the shower, or during a run. This one was during a beautiful morning run around Lake Banook.

This was my interpretation of Claire's described sketch:

I created waves with ruffled strips of fondant in different shades of blue (some marbled), added the white foam with royal icing, the dolphins playing in the waves, topped with the hues of a sunset as the sun settles for the day. Although she didn't mention a flower, I wanted a bit more color and it ties in with the sunset.

Happy Birthday, Claire! Thank you for your amazing creative vision.