Book Lovers - Wedding Cake

Every once in a while, I get a non-traditional wedding cake request. And this one came from Hong Kong.

Jennifer and James were planning a Nova Scotia wedding and wanted to incorporate their love of books. Their vision was a stack of books - slightly twisted and in different sizes from top to bottom. They sent me a list of books to include (I was told it was very difficult to pick the favourites, with the exception of Diet Croydon which James -yes, the groom - authored. Very cool, right??!).

Each book was a different flavour: lemon cake with raspberry buttercream, coconut with chocolate, vanilla with lemon, chocolate with strawberry, and marble with vanilla.

Jennifer and James were thrilled with their cake (and I'm sure they ate cake for days... and those all around them ate cake for days - it was massive - my fault - I went a little crazy but that's what can happen when I'm creating a first time design, but really, is it a bad thing to be surrounded by cake? I think not.) They sent me the sweetest letter after the wedding, describing their cake experience and allowed me to share it with you:

Subject: Cake love

We both love reading (in fact we first met through our mutual love of books) so when it came to our wedding cake, we knew we wanted something to reflect this.  To complicate things, although we were getting married in Halifax, we live in Hong Kong, so we needed to find a baker in Canada that we could trust to create our vision.

Shauna surpassed our expectations – although we had a rough idea of what we wanted, she was able to suggest modifications and improvements that made our cake aesthetically pleasing as well as comprising a perfect mix of flavours for our guests.  We were able to sample the cake flavours the week before the wedding and we were sure then that she was the right choice for us.

When we saw the final cake on our wedding day, we were overjoyed; although we’d slightly overestimated how much cake we needed for our guests, the design was perfect, a stack of five of our favourite books, rendered perfectly in fondant icing. It was literally wonderful to have such a literate cake on our table (and as the author of one of the books, an extra special privilege to eat my own name in icing).

We’re not intending to get married again any time soon, but if we were, we’d definitely ask Shauna to make the cake.

Cake love, indeed. Congratulations Jennifer and James!