Fighter Jet Cake - and a look at 9 years of cake...

My son celebrated his 9th birthday last weekend. Most people I meet always say, wow - your kids must be so happy that you make cakes! My kids, on the other hand, will roll their eyes and say things like: yeah, but we're never allowed to help, never allowed to eat the cake scraps, and Mom is always working. So, the one perk to having a cake-making mother is that they can have any cake they want... no limits... no restrictions. How do you pick just one cake? Alexis, my 6yr old, will be turning 7 in April and has been talking about her birthday cake for 3 months now.... 5 different design ideas later... and I'm fully anticipating at least 5 more design changes before her big day. Nate, on the other hand, is pretty decisive:

"Mom - for my birthday, I want an F18 Super Hornet fighter jet cake, on the runway, supported by its landing gear. You know, like you can use toothpicks or something to hold it up."

Me: "Are you freakin' kidding me? Would you also like that suspended from the ceiling with fishing line to simulate flight? "Cool!"

Happy birthday boy

Happy mommy and bday boy!

Here's a look at 9 years of cake for this kid...

First bday (2003) - loved Clifford.

Bday #2 (2004) - Bob the Builder!

Bday #3 (2005) - Caillou

Bday #4 (2006)- Monster Truck

Bday #5 (2007 - and I discovered fondant!! YEAH!)

Bday #6 (2008) - Spiderman (and the cakes are getting taller!)

Bday #7 (2009 - and many, many cakes later...). This remains my favourite of all his cakes. I love Star Wars and so does Nate - R2D2 was a no-brainer choice for my little Jedi. 12 hours of love in that creation.

Bday #8 (2010) - his birthday fell on the same day as the closing of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He loved the games so he chose a Winter Olympic theme.

Lots of practice, trial and error, and learning curves! And the journey continues...