How I Fell In Love with Eddie T. Head

I can't say that I was ever an Iron Maiden fan... and I don't think I would fall into that category now, but I have fallen in love with Eddie T. Head. Michelle contacted me in September with a request for an Iron Maiden cake for her boyfriend's 40th birthday. We discussed several possible ideas and in the end, she decided that she'd like the cake designed around the Live after Death album cover (the first concert Greg attended was on the Live after Death tour). I love, love, love when cakes can make such a personal connection. She sent some pictures for reference and we both agreed that Eddie absolutely had to be the focus of this cake. A few hours went into creating the topper for this cake and as he started to come to life from one ball of gumpaste, I became a little attached to him.

When Michelle arrived to pick up the cake, we both did a little dance and swooned over Eddie a bit. It was a great moment. After the party, Michelle sent me these kind words and some more pics:

Hi Shauna. I gotta tell you...that cake was amazing in everyway!!! It looked great, and tasted, if it's possible, even better!!!  Greg LOVED it!!! And he is very hard to please, especially when it comes to his music stuff! The band logo was exact and Eddie...I don't even know what to say about Eddie...we're keeping him! lol He's too cool not to. I didn't want to cut it at all, but of course you gotta try it!! The cake was a total hit. Nobody expected something complete and 3d...really cool!! I am already trying to think of another occassion to get one from you!!! Thanks again for the wonderful job you did, again it was everything I wanted and more!!! I posted some pictures of it on facebook...and friend of mine...another Iron Maiden fan, said " that is THE coolest cake I have ever seen!" And it is!! And another said,"Cake Boss couldn't have done better!"  You are a true artist! Take care and keep it up!!! lol I hope to get in touch again for another cake.