I. Love. This. Cake. ...and my BFF gets married!

When my best friend, Penny, called to let me know she was engaged, I had a little selfish moment. Don't get me wrong, I was over the moon for her, but I'm pretty sure that instead of screaming "Oh My God, congratulations!", I said something like, "Oh My God, I can't wait to make your wedding cake!". Oops. Sorry Pen.

So, not only did I act so selfishly, I also assumed that she would want me to make her cake. Nice....  But she did - so this story has a happy ending.

We took inspiration from her wedding invitations: black and white with a scroll design, added a monogram, and threw in hint of pink in the gumpaste flowers. Oh, and we also blinged it up a little with crystal gems. She loved it. I loved it. It was the best wedding ever. Happy Ending!

Of course, I forgot my camera and since I had to assemble the cake at the venue, I had no studio shots (teehee... if you are a photographer and reading this, you're allowed to laugh at what I call "studio shots"). These photos were generously taken and then shared with me by Penny's wedding photographer: Tanya Lynne Smith ( - check out her work - awesome! She is also one of the nicest, patient, and relaxed person I've had the pleasure of meeting.