Sundae Cupcakes and Cake Pops

A few months ago, my phenomenal photographer friend, Liam (Applehead Studio - seriously, you've got to check out his work - click on the link and then come back to me, it's okay... really... go ahead) and his beautiful entrepreneurial wife, Marcia (Runalicious - cute name, cuter shirts - I am beginning to amass quite a collection because they are so freakin' awesome) contacted me for their daughter's birthday. Marcia requested cupcakes that look like ice cream sundaes - fun! I had just recently seen a blog post by Bakerella (queen of cake pops - just published a book - has been on Oprah... you know you've made it when...) where she'd made ice cream cake pops. They were so adorable! So, I sent Marcia the link and asked her what she thought. Perfect size, really, for toddlers. She loved both ideas and it was a tough choice. The only solution was to make both!

Like my fancy holders? I couldn't think of any other way of keeping them in an upright position.

Cute, no? And super fun to eat!