28 cakes... one weekend... one wedding

This past weekend was hands down the busiest weekend ever for City Girl Cakes. 27 two tier cakes with fondant swags, roses, calla lilies, and a "P" monogram topper

1 four tier cake in the same design

280 cupcakes

...100 roses ...180 calla lilies ...27 "P" monograms hand-cut from gumpaste

Anyone who has dropped by knows my space limitations. There is no way I could have pulled this off with real cake (not enough equipment, no space, no staff), so we went with styrofoam cake dummies for the two tiers and 3 of the 4 tiers of the main wedding cake. This allowed me to start earlier in the week.

I started tracking hours - but that didn't work out. I don't know how lawyers do it... tracking billable hours. Anyway... it was a lot. Many late nights... many early mornings.  A cake marathon.

The cakes were delivered to the Holiday Inn Harbourview, Dartmouth. I had to take all the table center piece cakes first and come back for the main cake and cupcakes. I love my minivan. The beautiful decor was done by the talented Susan Carrington of Simple Touch Event Decor

It was exhausting and exhilarating and I would do it all over again! Just not this week.