Misadventures in Caking: Candyland Crackdown

*Before you read this, just a warning that I've dropped an "F" bomb or two (actually, 4 but they are all in a row) in this post... I recently made a super fun 3 tier whimsical cake for Donna's girls who were having a joint birthday party. I love getting emails from Donna as they always begin with something like: I need an awesome cake!! I tell her that I love the fact that she has 3 young kids! :)

The party theme was circus. When I think circus, two thoughts instantly pop into my head: 1) big, smelly elephants; and 2) pink cotton candy. I really wasn't going to push for any sort of animal theme here, so I suggested a candy theme cake. Bright colors and lots of candy. What 5 and 7 year old wouldn't dig that?

The cake had to travel 3 1/2-ish hours to Cape Breton. I wasn't able to deliver this one as I had wedding cakes to deliver that evening and again on Saturday. I asked Donna to contact me when the cake arrived. At 2am that night, I woke up and reached for my bberry (automatic reaction) and opened the email from Donna:

Hey Shauna!  THE CAKE IS INCREDIBLE!  However, it didn't travel well.  We had to do some repairs.

EGAD! (actually... it was more like FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.)  So cryptic! What kind of repairs?? I asked her to send pics of the damage and told her I'd call her first thing in the morning. We concluded that the weight of the lollipops combined with the travel caused the damage:

I was so disappointed. I wanted to beam myself to Cape Breton with my fondant and emergency repair kit. I continued viewing the attachments and this one of the girls when they saw their cake made my heart happy:

Again, I have the best customers. In the email, Donna wrote:

See the girls faces, despite the damage they WERE SO EXCITED WHEN THEY SAW IT.  Jason even said that it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAKE HE HAS EVER SEEN.  Not to worry Shauna, it is beyond your control.  It's not a cake, it's a masterpiece.  As usual, FANTASTIC JOB SHAUNA!!!

I love these people.

Here are a few more shots pre-damage: