Misadventures in Caking: Watch Me Melt

Chances are, you may have received a link from a friend with a little note saying "OMG - check out this cake" which would take you to a little famous blog called Cake Wrecks - When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong.  Exactly as the title states, this blog features pictures of cakes (mostly submitted by others) that were entirely horrible or wrong or disasters.  I can't say I would ever want to be featured in her blog as a cake wreck candidate, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have my own cake wreck stories. I debated posting about my own misadventures in caking (was it bad advertising? would people hesitate before booking?) but decided, hey- shit happens. I can't always be posting about how much I loved making this cake and that cake. Right? So, this week I will be sharing 3 stories with you (unless I find more while browsing my photo archives).

Last Fall, my best-friend-since-Grade-2, Amanda asked me if I could make a cake in the form of a pig for her grandfather Abel's 88th birthday. The story behind the pig request was that Abel was famous for a joke where the punch line was "and the pig squealed". I don't know - I didn't get the full joke from her and I am also the world's absolute worst joke teller. I can't even deliver a joke from script so I probably just messed that up - but anyway.... Abel was always joking around and he had the most amazing and infectious giggle I've ever heard.

Here is the pig cake:

The cake traveled to Cape Breton (about 3 1/2 hours from where I am located) without incident. They had an open house party at a local senior's hall where there were lots of people - which created a very hot room (no air conditioning). The cake was "on display" the entire time. Amanda was mingling and chatting with folks when her sister came up to her and said, "uhm, Amanda... look at the cake.... it's melting!". I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (thanks for the pics, Daphne!).

Phew... made it to Cape Breton!

And the melting begins... lost an ear.... face caving in...

Yes, definitely time to serve this Porky.

Sorry Mr. Piggy, but the nose has got to go.

The Fondant Slide