Cake Road Trip

This past weekend, I packed my swagger wagon (if you haven't seen this ad released by Toyota for their Sienna... check it out... hilarious: with a backpack and 3 wedding cakes and hit the road for my hometown in Cape Breton. It was so odd to have 3 cakes for Cape Breton all in the same weekend! Properly constructed and supported cakes travel extremely well. I had two 3-tier cakes and one 4 tier (added the top tier at the venue). The only aspect I was a little anxious about was timing. I had to deliver this cake to the Brightwood Golf and Country Club before heading out and they were very accommodating about cranking the air conditioning at 10am!

I hit the road about 45 minutes later than I'd planned but it was 11am and my first stop would be the Port Hawkesbury Civic Center - approx. 3 hrs. All cakes had to be delivered and set up by about 4:00pm. One of the features I love the most about my swagger wagon (there are many, actually) is the dual air conditioning controls for front and rear. Cakes need to stay cool, so the rear AC is always set on high while the front AC is set on low. And I wear a hoodie! It gets to be meat locker temperature - and that's too cold for this chick.

So, I'm zipping along the highway, obeying the speed limit, bladder is cooperating (pee breaks not possible as I was traveling solo and the van needed to stay running at all times) when my tire sensor light illuminates. Hmm. Interesting. I happen to be coming up to a gas station, so I pull in toward the air pump as I obviously have a low tire. Yep - rear tire is VERY low... and there's a hissing sound. But I'm not sure if the hissing sound is coming from the tire or from the van, which needs to stay running for the AC. Then I find the nail (should have taken a pic for the blog, but I started to stress a little). And it's a fairly large one. Remember when gas stations always used to have repair service bays? Where did those go and who thought it was a good idea to get rid of them? Geez. Anyway, there was an Irving across the street which had bay doors which were open and a nice guy who plugged my tire in under 5 mins. I couldn't imagine having to move the cakes to access the spare tire (I'm not even sure where it is, actually) - or waiting around for CAA. Crisis averted, the plug held, and successfully delivered this cake to the Port Hawkesbury Civic Center (absolutely beautiful facility for all you brides planning a wedding in Cape Breton):

I say this all the time, but I LOVE black and white cakes!

Next stop - D'Escousse for Tracey and Ian's wedding reception:

By this time, my son is with me - great to have a helper... someone who can open doors! It's about 3:30pm. Last stop: La Picasse for Kelsey and Gary.

And.... a sigh of relief as I drove the 10 minutes to my parents' place on the lake for some R&R and a cold Coors Lite.