You make cakes all the time... how are you not the size of a house?

That has to be the comment I get the most when meeting with clients - along with  "Oh my God, you live in cake... I would be eating it every day...". Well, let's take a moment to think about this: If I do eat the cake then I'll be eating your cake and you'll have no cake and that wouldn't be good for my little business! I only bake to fill orders and rarely have extra cake lying around... because I would eat it. Especially the chocolate one.

However, I do sample, often (the cakes usually dome when baked and I need to cut off that part to make it level - I sample and consider it quality control). I'd like to think my cakes have zero calories but then I'd be in denial. So, I run. And for most of the fall/winter, I swam with a trainer once/week (Ryan Kemp - Dartmouth Sportsplex - fantastic). But running is what I love most. I was a recreational/occasional runner until Dec/Jan (can't remember) when my cousin, Andrea, said - hey, why don't we all sign up for a half-marathon? Hmmm... 21.1km when the furthest I'd ever gone was 10k and barely made it. Okay. Sure. Why not. Sign me up!!

I met a wonderful couple at the wedding show at the Cunard Center this past January: Marcia Walsh and Liam Hennessey (Liam is the owner/photographer of Applehead Studio  in Halifax- you MUST check out his work - it is art and it is simply stunning. Marcia and her BFF have just launched Runalicious - a line of women's apparel for runners - easily the most comfortable shirt I now own.), marathon runners, and Marcia recommended Johnny Miles as a great 1st time half-marathon. So, I went home and signed up: June 20th was going to be the big day!

I could make this a very long blog entry (this girl can chat), but I'll give you the highlights: Andrea's sister, Lynn, decided it would be totally fun to run this with me and flew in from Kelowna! It was a perfect running day and the crowds were amazing! Here are a few pics:

 It was hands down, one of the best experiences of my life. If you are a runner and have never participated in a race - do it!! I just signed up for the half-marathon in PEI October 17... back to training!

And that is how I am not the size of a house! :)