Two Hearts... One Love: Jason and Michael

Jason and Mikey were referred to me for their wedding cake by Michelle at Tall Ship Silva (thank you, Michelle!) - where they would be exhanging their vows. They were planning a very elegant, traditional but fun wedding and wanted the cake to have the same kind of feel. I do not consider myself to be a creative designer. I may have mad cake-making skills, but I have to work very hard on the creative aspect. Show me a picture and tell me to make it - game on. Sit down across from me and ask for my ideas... silence. It's frustrating because sometimes I think that I should be able to just throw ideas out there based on three words like: fun, elegant, traditional.... but I need a bit more information and perhaps source of inspiration! There are just so many options when it comes to cake. Gone are the days of deciding between a shell or bead buttercream border and yellow or pink buttercream roses (thankful... we are all so thankful... right?).

So, I was a little challenged with this one... how do we mix traditional with fun and add a dash of elegance?

Jason and Mikey were fantastic to work with. I consider Jason to be the "grounded" one - his input focused on the traditional. Mikey wanted the topsy-turvy look (non-negotiable!) and I think, left to him, the entire cake would have been more of a madhatter design!  In the end, we came up with a beautiful cake for their special day.

It was important to Jason that we incorporate the Scottish ribbon, so tiers 2 and 4 were covered in ivory fondant with a diamond imprint, silver dragees and ribbon around the base of each tier. We took the navy blue from the ribbon and covered tiers 1 and 3, adding the words "Two Hearts... One Love" and some crystals (non-edible but the kitchen promised to flick them off before serving!) for a little sparkle. The flowers were gorgeous and were provided by My Mother's Bloomers (Neville - I know they are technically not called thistles but I don't know what they are... but they are very cool!).

Flavours included red velvet with vanilla buttercream, marble with vanilla buttercream, and lemon with vanilla buttercream. The cake was delivered to the Delta Halifax (this was the Bluenose room... check out the view! Of course, it was foggy at that time, but there are lots of windows in that room and the view is great!).

Jason and Mikey are now honeymooning in Italy (*sigh*). Congratulations to the happy couple!