Barbie Birthday

The upside of working with Barbie + cake? You can be sure that at least one element (Barbie) will look beautiful! I don't recall enjoying playing with dolls as a kid. My sister was the Barbie freak. I think she had 32 dolls, the Barbie camper, hair salon, pool.... she'd spend hours playing in the attic of our cottage (while I either moped around complaining that I was bored, bitter about being away from my friends in "isolation", or curled up in the corner with a Judy Blume/Beverly Cleary novel). However, I couldn't help but be excited when this client requested a Barbie cake. Every time I'd walk by the Barbie cake at the Superstore, I'd sigh and say to myself, "I'd love to see what I could do with that!".

So, I got my chance!

Barbie is dressed in a fondant covered chocolate cake with oreo buttercream dress. Little details include: tiny flowers with white dragee centers, white dragees on the bodice, piped detailing, and some luster dust for the shimmery effect. The base cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Annabella!