My Baby is Turning One and We Want a Fabulous Cake! (and a look at when my baby turned one)

I love first birthday celebrations. Ok, so I love all celebrations and each one is uniquely important and special... but.... your baby’s first birthday? Extra special. A few weeks ago I was asked to help celebrate Charlotte’s first birthday by creating a super fun cake for this milestone event which was held this past weekend. Theme for the cake: puppy! So, via a phone call, we (mom, dad, and I) brainstormed ideas... should we opt for a sculpted cake? Tiered with puppy topper? ... so many options! At the end of the conversation, we had narrowed it down to a cute floppy puppy with a giant birthday cupcake. Our final decision: do we use soft pinks/white for that adorable, soft, warm and fuzzy cake? Or do we go colour crazy for a super cute, fun and vibrant cake? There was no “wrong” answer – simply a preference choice. My vote had been for soft, warm and fuzzy... but the mom and dad decided on the fun and vibrant and gave me full creative authority (love it when this happens!). Even though the warm and fuzzy would have been a great cake, too – I fell in love with this one and I’m so happy they chose to be daring!

 Super cute. Super fun. Perfect for a super special celebration. Happy 1st Birthday, Charlotte!

********Editor's Note*******

My kids are now asking for cake re-dos. Here’s my son’s 1st birthday cake, which I made 8 years ago:


So, I can completely appreciate their request for a cake re-do. Regardless, as every mother who puts blood, sweat, and tears into making her child’s birthday cake, I was very proud of this one.

I remind him that he still managed to enjoy it ;) ...