Happy Birthday... to ME!

I celebrated my birthday this week (yesterday, actually - and no, we won't get into numbers. My math is bad, anyway!) and the most common question/comment that I get is... well, who makes your cake? For the past, oh, let's say 22 years just to pick a number, my official cake has been the McCain Deep and Delicious Vanilla cake. For some odd reason, it has been my favourite cake for as long as I can remember. I'm thinking my mother loved the fact that it was my favourite cake - she could even pick it up at the local Co-op! To give her credit, though, she did make a few of those Wilton star tip design cakes.

So, I have never actually made a cake for me. Craziness, I thought. I deserve a kick-ass cake, too, dammit! :)

Anyone who knows me, knows of my infinite love for Bon Jovi (more accurately, Jon Bon Jovi, however, I do also really love their music). Even my kids love Bon Jovi now (I took my then 7 year old son to his first concert last year) and my 5 yr old daughter, Alexis, will tell anyone that Jon is Mommy's prince! So what better way to celebrate my special day than with this:

Fun, eh? Alright... so I don't think Madame Tussaud's will be asking me to join their team anytime soon, but I thought this was pretty good for my first go at a sculpted face! Alexis was quick to point out that I got his lips ALL wrong! haha... I agreed. He kinda looks like a mad Russian! I had lots of fun with this one. And I got to focus intently on a picture of him for 4 hours while I worked. I love my job!

The head is made from rice cereal treats, modeling chocolate, and covered in fondant. The cake part is the torso.

Here's a little behind the scenes:

   forming the head - my son's thought: "creepy"


Coming together... but bald!

I wasn't ready to cut into him. I may never be ready to cut into him. So this is what we ate instead: