One of the many reasons why I love what I do

Leaving the corporate world... and all it's benefits (stable income, medical/dental, pension plan, paid vacation, paid sick days)... was perhaps the most difficult decision I've ever faced. I thought about the advantages and disadvantages over and over again, drove relatives and friends crazy with my non-stop questions (what do you think? should I go for it? I don't know... what would you do?). It was a surreal experience (and it still is at times!). I love making cakes. It's about as simple as that. I love being part of somebody's special day. Most times, I sadly do not get to see the person's reaction to their fabulously wonderful cake as it is usually a surprise or someone else picks it up. However, I do occasionally receive photos (which I love, too!).

This very special birthday boy - who's name is Max - happens to love Max and Ruby (Treehouse TV), so his Mom asked if I could make a Max cake. Absolutely!! Here was the finished product:


The body is carved from 8" rounds. Max's head is made with rice cereal treats. This was so much fun to make as both my kids were big fans of Max and Ruby, too.

Max's Mom (sweet woman) sent me an email after his party:

Shauna - it was FABULOUS! You made our Max verrrrrrry happy (see attached photo of spontaneous hug). The cake was a work of art,and absolutely delicious.

I had the biggest grin on my face when I read this email. The kicker, though, was the pic attached:

Max loves Max - the spontaneous hug

I don't consider myself to be an overly sappy person, but this pic filled my heart with happiness. This is what it's all about.